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Calhoun Wellness Pharmacy: Customized formulations for your unique prescription needs.

Welcome to Calhoun Wellness pharmacy

We are an innovative pharmacy that specializes in the preparation of customized medication to meet specific patient needs.

Our CBD line is HERE! Come by today to check it out!

We even have something for your furry friends too!

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Suffering from a seasonal cold?

Do you have heart issues and can't use over the counter decongestants? Come by our pharmacy for a healthy and safe alternative!

  • Menthol/Eucalyptus lollipops will open up your sinus cavities and soothe a sore throat.

These are also safe for expecting or breastfeeding mothers!

Cost is only $2 each and... **No prescription needed**

Not all patients are the same.

Compounding allows us to provide the patient with the appropriate dose and strength. Compounding was a routine activity of pharmacies before mass production of medication began. Pharmaceutical compounding continues to play a crucial role in healthcare. It is our goal to work closely with physicians to solve medication problems and provide superior patient care and quality of life. This allows physicians to use unique formulas to tailor drug therapy based on a patient's weight and illness. Patients that may benefit are patients that require different formulations (difficulty swallowing pills), patients that need allergen free medications (dyes, sugar, alcohol, gluten, lactose), patients that absorb or excrete medications abnormally, drug shortages, pediatric patients, pets, and patients that have trouble taking medications and may benefit from several active ingredients combined into one capsule. The patient's safety, quality, and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.


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Your pharmacy should do more than just fill prescriptions.

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Below are several patient resources that may come in handy! Simply click the button below to view the form.